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What is a beta-blocker?

Beta-blockers are prescribed to treat many conditions, one of which is hypertension. These medications block the hormone adrenaline from binding with beta receptors in cardiac muscle cells and smooth muscles where it causes veins/arteries to constrict.

How do they work?

Beta-blocker drugs work by slowing down your heart rate so that blood doesn’t have to pump as much through your system during each beat. Beta-blocking agents also make arteries wider for better flow within lungs, arms & legs!

Why should I take one?

Beta-blockers help manage cardiovascular symptoms such as angina and high blood pressure by blocking the action of certain hormones in the nervous system, like adrenaline. This prevents activation of our “fight or flight” stress response so we can still go about daily tasks without worrying too much about how stressful everything is for us.

Side effects of beta-blockers

People who take beta-blockers might experience a variety of side effects, including dizziness and difficulty sleeping. Some people have more serious reactions that require medical attention from their GP or another health professional if they last for longer than a few days.

Who can’t take them?

Beta-blockers may not be suitable for everyone. Before starting a beta-blocker, it is important to tell your doctor if you have:

An allergic reaction to a beta-blocker or any other medicine in the past Low blood pressure or a slow heart rate

1Serious blood circulation problems in your limbs (such as Raynaud’s phenomenon) Metabolic acidosis when there’s too much acid in your blood Lung disease/asthma Are trying to get pregnant, are already pregnant and breastfeeding

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