Pharma PK Pharmaceuticals undertakes contract manufacturing in the following categories and offers a mutually beneficial working relationship and a strong strategic alliance.
We works to optimize your drug product manufacturing at every phase and scale. Our expert scientific team excels at standard drug dosage and delivery systems, while finding advanced manufacturing solutions for more challenging compounds. We understand acute and ongoing commercialization pressures and work to build sustainable, customized pharmaceutical manufacturing processes for your small molecule.
We remains one of the most trusted pharma contract manufacturing companies operating today, with a reputation for reliability, quality and productivity.
Our Generic Formulations
• State-of-the art facilities, which adhere to stringent specifications of cGMP.
• Capabilities to produce dosage forms in sterile and general, covering all therapeutic sections along with lyophilization facility.
• Isolated and dedicated production facilities for Beta-Lactam, Cephalosporin, Rifampicin dosage forms and Insulin.
• Qualified and knowledgeable technical team in the areas of manufacturing, quality control, quality assurance, research and development for all range of products.
• Experienced specialists and highly qualified management and staff, with ERP and Supply Chain Organization in place.
Controlled Release Dosage Forms
Pharma PK pharma contract manufacturing team adds a multitude of formulation options, including trustworthy production of controlled release dosage forms.
Business Opportunities and Strategic Alliance with Pharma PK Pharmaceuticals
1. We offer contract manufacturing of all dosage forms.
2. Depending on your requirements, our services include purchasing of raw materials, production, packaging and quality control.
3. Through this flexible method, we are able to integrate perfectly into your supply chain for solid dosage forms.

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